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Basket cake…case

1 Aug

Yes basket case indeed! Why you ask?


Our classroom was covered in frosting for about eeh 2 weeks, and I know that there is a purpose to them and they are very helpful but COME ON 45 flowers for our final test?! oh yeah and the birds of course!

Needless to say the flowers can be very relaxing to make at times, but when you have to make them over and over and over again because they broke, or because the frosting was too dry, or because you broke the pastry bag…things start to get ugly and you start cursing the heavensĀ  this Wilton corporation and all of its existence!

I can’t tell you how many flowers I actually ended up making and squishing out of frustration but here are some attempts at roses:

Doesn’t seem too hard does it?..well let me burst your bubble IT IS! Very hard and frustrating but once you get the hang of it they come out beautifully.

And now for the grand finale…

Basket Cake

I don’t know what grade I got and honestly after being enslaved with flowers for a week I do not care. This was one of those tests that when you finish you feel like throwing the cake on the floor, smashing your head against the worktable, smoking a pack of cigarettes etc etc etc.

In the end I had more than 45 flowers which was GREAT because the basket weave decoration was a little off in some places so those flowers saved THIS KID BIG TIME!

The birds are fun to make but when trying to remove the birds from the wax paper one of them broke (bird on the right side) ..thank God for the extra flowers šŸ˜‰

This week Wilton Kit 3 awaits (hallelujah, can I get an AMEN ?!)

Why am I so excited? well not because of this third kit or the carpal tunnel that I might get sooner than expected that’s for sure..but because after that we start working with chocolate! YUP my mouth’s watering already.

Here’s my suicide by pastry bag…