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of a 100 cupcakes and a wedding

19 Jul

So I’ve never been to a wedding, or made something for a wedding and I’m glad to say this last Saturday I popped my wedding cherry!

This wasn’t your traditional wedding but it was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to..oh and yeah I had to make 100 cupcakes for it 🙂

The cupcakes where a hit they where White cake cupcakes with Brandy simple syrup and bavarian cream filling.

And of course I had some major troubleshooting with these cupcakes.. first of all since i have no Kitchen Aid I do it all by hand and had to divide the batter into at least three different bowls so I could handle it.

Second of all did you know that if all else fails you can actually use a blender to blend well..anything!? First time I’ve ever had to use a blender to mix some batter..sounds ridiculous but hey IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!

The batter only gave me about 87 cupcakes out of the 100 i needed…so it took me three days to actually bake, fill, store 100 cupcakes in my freezer (Mom was NOT loving this) since my freezer was full of..well..what else?! CUPCAKES that we couldn’t eat haha!

I’m more than happy that these two got married and that they requested that I baked their wedding cupcakes. The bride looked so beautiful and I wish them all my best. I nearly cried once and I’m glad that some people can actually find someone they want to share the rest of their lives with and be committed to them forever…so enough of me blabbing about this here are some pictures of the newlyweds eating the cupcakes (be warned lots of cute newlyweds pictures ahead!) The newlyweds rented a cupcake centerpiece that looked AMAZING, are you ready to see the amazingness ?!