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Life inside the oven: An introduction

10 Jun

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Adriana and I’m a Pastry Chef student from Puerto Rico and I’ve been baking for 6 years now.

Many people have asked “So… how did this baking craze start?!”, all I can say is I started experimenting on M&M cookies when I was 16 after I got sick and tired of baking the “boxed stuff” and after that all hell broke loose and I moved on to baking breads, croissants, pies, cheesecakes and whatever else I could bake that would make my mouth drool.

Eventually this turned into an addiction whilst I was on college, I started baking at 3 am in the morning (when everyone’s asleep and my kitchen is quiet and solitary), I baked numerous batches of cookies, breads, brownies only to sell them at school where I got some nice recognition and money!

Instead of studying for Art History classes I started studying and collecting copious amounts of recipes. I thought this was only going to be a hobby BUT after being in college for 4 years and feeling like it just wasn’t my thing I decided to drop out and go to culinary school in 2011.

So..this is my story, this is how it all began!

And another thing… don’t let anyone EVER tell you that baking (or cooking) is just a hobby, because it is way more than that, it’s an art form it takes patience, skills and discipline some got it and some don’t.

Do i think i have this? well there’s only one way to find out!

Stay tuned for more stories, recipes and pictures of some of my creations (: