Internship Update!

21 Dec

  Hello there fellow bakers/foodies I have been gone a while but all for a good reason…I started my internship in the Marriott Hotel! I’m supposed to be working 270 hours and so far I’ve completed 42 and a half. It’s a LOT OF WORK and stress but it’s worth it, I never thought I would enjoy working for free anywhere, I’ve learned more in the five days I’ve been working in the hotel than I could’ve learned in a whole year of going to pastry school (sorry Chef!).

  In order to picture what means working in a hotel imagine making 150 mousses, 140 breads, 16 cheesecakes, I dont know how many Tiramisus/ flans/bread puddings/cheesecakes and on top of that having to cater for 600 people AND a wedding all in 8 hours of work. It’s’s truly the only way to describe it INSANE.

  I work 5 days a week for 8 hours straight and have to cope with the “oh you’re so tiny let’s see if you can carry that” all the time. So far I screwed up my back, burned my finger with caramel sauce, and I’m developing some sweet “guns” ( do you have any idea how much a baking sheet weighs when it’s full of 8×3 baking dished full of flan batter?!) That’s a little preview of what an internship in a world renowned hotel is about.

  Apart from that I’ve got two recipes for you guys!

-Apple Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce

-Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Caramel frosting



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