Is there anything better than chocolate???

29 Sep

Is there? really? I don’t think so!

Chocolate class began and this picture pretty much sums up all of my feelings towards it

It’s pure MAGIC!

It can be tricky at times but in the end it’s always delicious.

What can I say chocolate never dissapoints me.

In class we made a number of bon bons (almond coconut/whiskey and coffee/ chocolate hazelnut/chocolate raspberry) all delicious and very messy I felt like a kid in Willy Wonkas factory *dream come true*

Today we had to make a chocolate chest, which at first was a pain in the ass because when you’re working with chocolate heat is your worst enemy, even body heat. So you need extremely cold temperatures to work with it, meaning that I had the air conditioner practically in my face!

This was the outcome:

I carved wood details with a paring knife and a cake tester, I wanted this chest to look antique and broken and that was what I came up with.

It looks so pretty, too bad that I live in a tropical island and its going to melt within 5 seconds when i go outside :/

Here are some of the bon bons we made in class:

In conclusion chocolate making is fun and delicious but in the end its just a HOT MESS



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