About turning 23 and a cupcake challenge!

11 Aug

Hello fellow bakers/foodies! Guess who turned 23? THIS KID

Best part of turning 23 so far?….

  I got this baby right here! 5QT Kitchen Aid HD Pro..isn’t it beautiful?! and no fellow readers I never had this beauty in my possesion..meaning that all the baking I ever did was by hand (YES EVEN MERINGUE).

No i didn’t get to bake my own birthday cake for the lack of ingredients..sad no?

I know I haven’t been keeping up with the posts lately and I know that you must want recipes posted..and I will as soon as I get myself some ingredients (meaning FLOUR) blame it all on the sinus!

In school we haven’t been baking much since all those Wilton kits are all about decorating and making flowers (ugh..say it with me UGH) I’ve been making roses for about a week now for our final test, which consists of baking a yellow cake, covering it up with marshmallow fondant (very delicious) pasting the roses in it and some royal icing decorations.

  Like that cake right there! I will be posting the recipe for the Marshmallow Fondant, you MUST try it it really does make a difference and its delicious!

In other news me and my closest buddies from school will be competing Dulzura Expo in the cupcake challenge (kind of like Cupcake Wars) excited much?! YES

I leave you with this silly photo of me in my birthday..

  Those boa feathers where everywhere..tip of the day NEVER wear a boa in the kitchen..it’ll get everywhere and you’ll end up looking like a raver chicken 😉



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