Of Tarts, Pies, and a fever

17 Jun

It’s tart and pie week in school! Excited much? YES

This is my Chef instructor layering the fruits on top of a vanilla bean custard

Finished product:

Doesn’t this make you want to MARRY IT?! Look at the color arrangement and how clean and perfect it looks! The taste? OHMYGOD..that’s the only way to describe it.

Next! I had to make a Chocolate Cream Pie (I kind of asked for this recipe since it was the only recipe with chocolate in it and well i AM a chocoholic!)

This recipe consists of a sweet tart dough filled with a milk chocolate custard (which tasted like the most awesome chocolate pudding you’ve ever tasted) and Creme Chantilly. This pie equals AWESOME.

Next up the French Apple tart:

Today my group had to make this French Apple Tart, and just when I started peeling the apples..I started feeling like somebody had lit my body on fir and you could’ve probably fried eggs in my forehead and back, nevertheless I kept going on.

This tart consists of a sweet tart dough layered with some Almond Cream (which I admit it looked like the weirdest oatmeal…) and then layered with thinly sliced Red Delicious apples, topped with some sugar, cinnamon and apricot glaze. The picture above is the tart before baking tomorrow if i feel better you guys will see the results after being baked :))


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